Communities that make you a better human – Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai
Nathalie Nahai

Today we are learning from Nathalie Nahai.

Nathalie’s background in human behaviour, web design and the arts offer a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today.

Her best-selling book: Webs Of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion has been adopted as the go-to manual by business leaders and universities alike, and her new book, Business Unusual: Values, Uncertainty and the Psychology of Brand Resilience, has been described as “One of the defining business books of our times”.

A behavioural science advisor and host of The Hive Podcast, Nathalie helps clients to ethically apply behavioural science principles to enhance their business.

Let’s get started…

In this conversation with Nathalie, I learned:

  • The problem we are trying to solve is a social and cultural one.
  • Legislate for the impact of the technologies and potential harm.
  • Right livelihood – community, a rhythm, and resting.
  • Having a place or community that makes you a better human.
  • Different conversations in the US and Europe around well-being, with the protestant and productive mindset in the US and the role of pleasure, joy, and pleasure.
  • Still ambitious but different now.
  • Easier and less frightening to wield intellect on stage, than to open up your heart and sing.
  • Started in an art course as a sabbatical in Barcelona, and found a sense of belonging.
  • It is a deeper rooting of what it means to be alive at this moment.
  • MarketingKind is for marketers who want to positively impact the world, and use their skills for a more flourishing future.
  • The root of the word apocalypse is about the ending of something and the beginning of something new.
  • Showing up as best we can, with a loving presence and figuring out what we can offer, and making sure that we have the chance to rest.
  • How can we step into leadership that enables us to connect with a deeper set of values?
  • Salons are hubs for cultural and political change in which people would come together, often run by women.
  • The flourishing future salons will organize conversations through four lenses, technology, nature, society, and the arts.

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