Combining Ubuntu with Inner Development – Julia Tew

Julia Tew ubuntu
Julia Tew ubuntu

Today we are learning from Julia Tew.

Julia is a seasoned communications specialist and change catalyst. She’s passionate about helping leaders and their organisations develop the awareness, skills and tools required to navigate an increasingly complex world, and about nurturing more resilient, inclusive and regenerative cultures through inner development and conscious communication methods.

By harnessing the power of modalities such as systems thinking, storytelling and appreciative inquiry, Julia’s mission is to help individuals, organisations and communities become more self-aware, to clarify their purpose and find their authentic voice – enabling them to co-create a more regenerative, equitable and thriving future for all.

The diverse skills and experience Julia brings to the table have been gained during decades in management, consulting and entrepreneurial roles, while also walking her own inner development journey. She has studied, and continues her lifelong learning, with leading institutions teaching topics ranging from business sustainability, social innovation and the circular economy to systems thinking, regeneration and behavioural psychology.

Julia has worked with or in industries ranging from food, agriculture, beauty and pharmaceuticals to publishing, financial services, recruitment and education. Impeccable wordsmithing standards, creativity and professionalism can be expected, together with strong media relations, crisis communications, branding and marketing experience.

Current projects include supporting an NGO delivering green economy skills to underprivileged youth in South Africa, and consulting in the regenerative investment space, inter alia.

Let’s get started…

In this conversation with Julia, I learned:

  • The Inner Development Goals were developed by the global North and in many cases it is the global South that suffering even more from the crisis, many of wich are worsened by the global North.
  • Africa has well-established concepts like Ubuntu and also deals with a lot of trauma.
  • Possibly adding forgiveness to the IDGs, input from Africa.
  • Long-term orientation is not always part of the culture in Africa.
  • Inner compass and going inward, mindfulness, are more Western concepts.
  • The wise voices of our ancestors are not in the IDG.
  • What happens to me, happens to we. (Ubuntu)
  • Ubuntu is systems thinking and going back to the whole.
  • The disconnect from the whole has gotten us into this mess. What happens to you, is probably going to affect me.
  • Look at the case study of Ghana. Who are the leaders, what are they doing differently?
  • It’s Africa’s time. The giant is awaiting.
  • The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated.
  • Allow Africa to want to bring their living standards that are acceptable and comfortable. This requires a rebalancing.
  • Solopreneurs in the pilot of the four day week.
  • The future of work will look different. The younger generations are challenging the way we work.
  • Inner change leads to outer change.
  • Are you listening?

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