Wrist sniffing for your well being – Tamar Weinberg

Vandaag het gesprek met Tamar Weinberg.

Tamar is an author, mother, and founder of TAMAR, a fragrance brand designed for who you are, not who they want you to be. She’s determined to show the world that the key to happiness and self improvement is loving and accepting your most authentic self first (and smelling good doing it). 

Ground-floor startup hustler Tamar has lived and breathed business-building for over a decade, and now she’s on a mission to use that fire for a greater good. Her flagship brand TAMAR is the world’s first unisex fragrance brand designed for self-love, and it’s making waves. Find out more about how she built a consumer brand on an identity of perseverance in this episode.

I love talking to Tamar, she is open and transparent and she has valuable expertise in relationship marketing. Starting conversations on social media and real time correspondence via email. We start this conversation with the struggles from this year that made it clear for her that she needs to launch her brand and products now during this pandemic.

Enjoy the insights with Tamar.

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Meer over Tamar :


Course on www.coursera.comthe science of well being

I mentioned the series on Netflix – Emily in Paris. Episode 2 and 3 contain the fragrance part.


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