Self management in praxis – Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill

Vandaag het gesprek met Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill over zelf-management.

Karin Tenelius is the co-founder of Tuff Leadership Training which specialises in training a kind of leadership that unleashes responsibility, commitment and development in teams. In the nineties she began coaching small organisations in Sweden to become self-managing and it is these stories featured in her new book, ‘Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations From Sweden’. Her entrepreneurship is driven by a strong vision to contribute to changing society, focusing on creating workplaces that work for people and liberate the best in them.

Lisa Gill is an organisational self-management coach and facilitates leadership courses with Tuff Leadership Training. She is also the host of the Leadermorphosis podcast, for which she has interviewed thought leaders and practitioners from all over the world about the future of work. Lisa co-authored ‘Moose Heads on the Table’.

When I found out about their book I purchased it directly from their website. It is such a wonderful book where you get a sense of why Karin is so experienced in introducing self management in companies and organisations. As a consultant and also by buying companies and working from the owner side at the transformation.

It was a bit different to have this conversation with three people but I think we nailed it. Karin talked about her experiences and Lisa explained the three pillars from the book.

Enjoy the insights with Karin and Lisa.

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Here you can find more on Karin and Lisa:

Video of our conversation

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