Who is @ernohannink?

Hey hello, nice of you to take a moment to click on the link in my profile.
Please note that although this page is in English, the rest of this site is mostly in Dutch. This has a lot to do with the fact that I live in the Netherlands and that I find my clients here. There is also an English version of this site, on ErnoHannink.com.

I Twitter in Dutch and English. If you are in the area just send me a message on twitter, maybe we can meet.

You are now on my site www.decideforimpact.com, here you can find pages of me, speaking or how I help small biz owners to use the internet to get more customers. Need more confidence? You can look at what other people are saying about me.

Of course there is much more to tell, as you may want to read in my blog (RSS). You can also subscribe to my newsletter (dutch) or subscribe to my English newsletter.

Also there is this blog on enthousiasmeren.nl and I am the initiator of the Dutch translation of Happy Hour is 9 to 5 by Alexander Kjerulf.


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The inspiration for this page came from Laura Fitton aka @pistachio.

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