This blog is about tips for getting clients typically for small business owners. With this blog I supply you with free information to get more clients via the web. The services for my own business ErnoHannink is on that same basis.

For clients I build sites and blogs, in WordPress, so they can publish articles for their target market. In most of the projects there is a newsletter included in the service. So the clients can update their readers on a regular basis. Online networking is another subject that I support my clients in. What profiles to fill, how to complete your profiles to get more clients.

So I supply the information here for free under a creative commons license. Free to use and implement in your business. For clients that do not have the time or do not want to set the site, newsletter, networking profiles up, I do that for them. I am an author and presenter. This is where I earn my living.

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Algemene Voorwaarden

De algemene voorwaarden van ErnoHannink vindt u in deze PDF die kunt downloaden. Bij het geven van een opdracht of bestelling van ErnoHannink gaat u akkoord met deze voorwaarden. Lees ze daarom voordat u akkoord gaat.