Going horizontal and scale your impact – Samantha Slade

Vandaag het gesprek met Samantha Slade.

Samantha is co-founder of Percolab Coop working in cocreation and organizational innovation for over a decade. The coop functions as a lab in new ways of working, governing and learning while at the same time supporting courageous organisations and partnering on its own bold ventures. Author of Going Horizontal, Creating a Non-hierarchical Organization one practice at a time. Her TedX is The future is in business as commons. Samantha loves to experiment and provoke around conscious economics and regenerative business and believes that organizations can and should be a microcosm of the world we want to live in.

This was a great conversation where I learned a ton from Samantha. Learn where her insight from leadership can be found in anyone, even in a young boy that helped her escape a hostage situation. She explained the 7 parts of going Horizontal with great learnings on how you can easily start with meetings and how this works. We close the conversation with her learnings on fair compensation in a project environment.

Enjoy the insights with Samantha.

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Video of the conversation with Samantha Slade

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