I get more work done, faster and have more energy with Attention! – Rob Hatch

Vandaag het gesprek met Rob Hatch.

Attention! is a great book if you feel that you have more important work to do and just don’t get to it.

Rob Hatch is the co-founder and president of Owner Media Group, providing strategies and skills for the modern business. He brings a unique blend of knowledge and background in the field of Human Development with his experience as a successful business leader and executive coach, and his weekly newsletter is read by tens of thousands of individuals all over the world. 

As a speaker, trainer, and coach, Rob works primarily with business leaders and teams, guiding them through critical transitions in their organization. He’s the author of Attention! The power of simple decisions in a distracted world.

Rob’s book – Attention! – made me even happier with the structure that I already use. With the ideas in the book I have also changed how to organize my work, and now I get more done in less time and have more energy.

It almost sounds like a sales pitch for the book but I am just happy with the effect on my work. The three goals’ each day is something I have been using for years and plays an important part in Attention! I have started using the white sheet of paper, the focus block, and added the duration for each goal.

We talk about how he came with the idea of the focus block in the morning doing 3 things and only spend 40 minutes on each goal. Without distractions, no phone, no social media, no internet, just the work. I als share my experience with the blank sheet to write down ideas that pop-up while working on the 3 goals.

Listen to this conversation to learn more about Rob’s motivation and the principles in the book.

Enjoy the insights with Rob.

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