More clients than she can handle with copywriting – Gill Andrews

Gill Andrews

Vandaag het gesprek met Gill Andrews.

Gill is a conversion copywriter and web consultant based in Germany. She works with small and medium businesses that want to make their websites more profitable.

Gill can explain the most complicated things in plain language that will resonate with your prospects without dumbing things down and help you fix design mistakes on your website that are frustrating your visitors.

When she’s not writing copy or auditing websites, she’s blogging on her website sharing solutions to website problems she encounters in her client work to help other business owners – especially those who take care of their websites themselves – improve their websites.

For some time I have been following the tips of Gill via email, LinkedIn en Twitter. Always, practical, short and to the point. Real tips that I use to improve my website and my writing.

We talk about her system of attracting clients. Her LinkedIn and Twitter strategy. Why consistency in email updates to her followers is more important to her than new articles in her blog. We also talk about her decision to move from employee to self employed and how this impacted her business. She talks about difference that a few friends in the copywriting environment continuously help each other to move forward. Every day better than the day before.

Enjoy the insights with Gill.

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Meer over Gill Adrews

Book van Gill – Making your website work; 100 copy & design tweaks for smart business owners.

Video of our conversation

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