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Mark Green

Mark E. Green is a strategic advisor and coach to mid-market CEOs and executive teams worldwide. Driven by a relentless passion to liberate human potential, he has addressed, coached and advised thousands of business leaders across a wide range of industries. Mark deeply believes every CEO has the ability to unlock more of their own potential and, in turn, to help their people do the same.

Mark has helped his clients overcome major obstacles, deal with tough decisions and generate breakthrough results. His integrity, direct style and powerful intuition accelerate team performance, distribution of decision-making, productivity, revenue and profitability. Importantly, Mark’s clients report significantly lower stress, reduced time consumed by the business and vastly improved life balance.

He is a Core Advisor to Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches (formerly Gazelles International), a Mentor to coaches worldwide, and an active contributor to programs and content for their global ecosystem.

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Episode 161

How to hire a coach





Erno: Today, I am talking with a special guest, who I met in New York where Mark gave a workshop. This was part of the book he is about to release. It was very intense and good. Welcome Mark.

Mark: Thank you Erno, great to be here.

Erno: You’ll be releasing your book in September 2018, I think you all should read it. The book helps you get clear on points that you are not reaching. How did  you come up with the idea of the book?

Mark: It came after many years of living my own life and working on my own. The evidence that there was something missing kept on growing. It stopped me and my clients from getting the succes we wanted. I knew how to do things and did not learn new things and how to do those. I had a hard time asking direct questions. I knew how to ask them and that I had to ask them, yet I was unable to do it. There was something missing, preventing me from doing it. The clients I have today have the same issues. they know how to do it, the have the strategy, but they are not doing it. The premis of the book is the missing parts, why you are not doing them and tools on how to do them.

Erno: Can you name some examples of direct questions?

Mark: A direct question to a CEO could be pointing out a contradiction. This is pretty common. A CEO can say one thing and then say something else a minute later. I have to them there. It’s the ability to operate with high confidence without worrying about respect or being liked.

Erno: If you have respect, are you then also liked?

Mark: Not necessarily. I have plenty of clients and I am not the favorite everywhere. I may not like my docter, because he causes me pain. But I respect him and the next, I like him just fine.

Erno: How long have you  been a coach?

Mark: I’ve had my own practice for 15 years. The last 10 have been in the current format of meeting with the entire executive team.

Erno: How many clients do you have?

Mark: At the moment I have 11 clients. It is considered full at 12 clients, which depends on the circumstances.

Erno: That might not sound as a lot for some listeners. Do you spend a lot of time with them?

Mark: Haha, this cuts right into the core of my business, to create a lifestyle for myself. Have a dramatic impact on clients while maximizing my lifestyle and flexibility. I see each client once a month. Half day monthly, full day quarterly. I have much time to make the coiches I want and to keep on learning. I also spent a lot of time on the book.

Erno: A beautiful but intense way of spending time. You have a lot of time to develope yourself. What coiches did you make to be able to do that.

Mark: I have a saying. that I’m not sure how will translate or not but I I say I eat my own dog food or take my own medicine. When I started my practice in the current model again about nine or ten years ago,one of the puzzles that I set out to solve was how can I create a practice that creates incredible value for my clients and allows me the lifestyle of the time profile that I want. It took me about two years to really work through the strategy of how I was doing this and by the way a lot of the the issue of course was was myself in my own mind which which again gets back to that I knew what to do and I knew how to do it but I was preventing myself from being able to do it  and so they were some of my own learning that occured at that time as well. But it was putting that strategy in place that allowed me to be able to make the choices that  I make. In any great strategy it’s about saying no to a great many things and so when you say make the choices in my mind. The things that I say no to are the things that I think many other consultants and coaches say yes to because they’re not as confident in their value. What I mean by this is things like “so Mark, who will be taking notes in minutes during our meetings with you?”. My answer is that it’s not me that’s you, the client. Because it’s your content,  it’s your information and there’s a million little things that come up that for a practitioner, it becomes very easy to say yes to that I am saying no to because it’s very well aligned with my strategy and before any of your listeners think wow he sounds very mean or not a very good coach, it is about settin boundaries. People respect you for who you are. One of the indicators of respect is when the conversation drifts away form the topic and someone in the room says that we should no be having that conversation with Mark in the room. The clients see me the same way as i see myself.

Erno: What were some of the things that you have learned?

Mark: I’ll start with an external example. I had the benefit of meeting and spending time with Bob Bloom who is the former CEO of XXXX, one of the greatest adverstising agencies in the USA. They helped South West Airlines rise to power. We talked about finding my who, my core customer. It was very insightful. I made my customer more inclusive. He helped me to nail it down and say no to the wrong kind of CEO’s.

Erno: I always talk about this with my clients. I’ve learned from the sessions with Verne Harnish, that hyperspecialization is important. I wrote a workbook around that term. Be very clear about your clients.

Mark: There is a great fear here, the fear of missing out on clients

Erno: Okay, thank you Mark.

Mark: Thanks for having me!


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