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Robin Waite is een succesvolle business coach uit de UK. Met zijn Fearless Business coaching programma helpt hij ondernemers om de omzet te verdubbelen in 6 maanden. Of ten minste op weg naar een aanzienlijke groei in die periode. Robin werkt meer met strategie dan met tactieken. Hij herinnert de ondernemers aan de fundamenten van ondernemen. Hij publiceerde al eerder het boek Online Business Startup.

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Episode 134

Show Notes

Je hier met Robin verbinden:


Erno: I received a message from Robin if I wanted to receive his book. A couple of days later I did receive his book, the paper version and I read it in 2 hours, because it is written as a story. The book learns you lessons. Welcome Robin.

Robin: Thank you Erno

Erno: This is your second book, your first book is The online business start-up. The story is about a golf teacher who grows his business while teaching golf to a business coach. It’s a true story, because it used to be a story of a client of Robin. One of the things you learn in the book is goal setting, over different and longer periods of time. This seems hard because many things can happen in a long period of time that can really affect your business.

Robin: The longer the period of time, the clearer the vision needs to be. You need to differentiate between tactical choices and strategical choices. Tactical are the things you do on a daily basis. Think of things such as social media. When you go further in time, the more strategic your choices become. If you set a goal to get a 1000 clients in 10 years, you can reverse engineer your way back to smaller choices to achieve this goal.

Erno: The antagonist in the book sets a lot of personal and material choices. Can you explain why?

Robin: There is a reason for that. Most people’s problems come down to 2 things, time and money. Money is a very common performance indicator, most people value a big house, they believe they’re succesfull if they earn a large amount of money. Try and set your goals as specific as possible, as they will be easier to achieve. You can always make more money but never create more time. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. Most people want to get more money, because it will leverage back a bit more time.

Erno: You have 2 kids, I learned because we talked before the interview. How does that fit in?

Robin: Given that usually both parents in a family work, time spent with your children, needs to be spent well.

Erno: An important part of growing your business is knowing what you are selling to your clients. You need to create a product.

Robin: Absolutely, you can be an excellent computer programming, but running a business in this is something entirely different. In the book, the  antagonist gives lesssons without a clear vision behind it. There was so specific outcome. He then learns to create products. The antagonist knew he could deliver these products. He then went from an hourly rate to a product package with a price.

Erno: Of course, after creating a product, you need to start selling it.

Robin: Right, you can have all these fantastic ideas but if you don’t sell them, they’re pointless. If you have an idea, act upon it. You are being selfish if you have a great idea for a book and you just keep op procastinating it.

Erno: I was talking to 2 men the other day, who had been attending a coaching group. The thing that made them different from the other people in the coaching group is the fact that they would actually implement the thing the coach had said. Create a product, increase your price. They were they only one who were quite succesfull.

Robin: That is really important. Beware, try not to be a copy cat. Every business is different. What works for can’t always work for you because I have different clients, different products. Think strategicly not tactically. Not all clients get the same results, but if you do not implement, you will not get results.

Erno: I also liked the part about the standard order form, I use that myself as well. The form does not have to be diffrent for every client.

Robin: Definintely, you can have it printed or online, does not really matter. If you print them, you don’t neeed hundreds of them right away. Just start selling straight away. Create an ideal range of products, 3 is great, no more than 5. This will satisfy 80% of your clients and the others are probably not your ideal clients.

Erno: You emphasize the fact that building a bond between your clients is crucial. In stead of charging someone big at the start, divide it in smaller parts so that the value increases the longer your relationship lasts.

Robin: Selling 10 small contracts in stead of 1 large contract increases your profit as you will be able to include a maintenace fee monthly. The longer the period, the larger this sum of maintenance fee will get. The problem you get if you have only 1 big product, is the fact that you are only selling. Maintenance is important. Don’t be a sausage machine. This will create a burn-out, for you or your team. I believe that every business need some form of monthly revenue coming in. These contract actually kept my business alive during the recession of 2007.

Erno: You actually have 3 packages in your business, is there some form of recurring revenue there?

Robin: Yes, we build a brand, there is the brochure day and the stationary pack design. The logical next steps. After this, there are always gonna be updates on their website. Once we’ve built a relationship, we know that it is more likely that the client is going to come to us for further updates. We productized branding. I got asked to do coaching more often so we sold the business and I started coaching on a regular basis. The Coconut Group, the company, is still running.

Erno: Your website acutally contains these 3 packages only, but the company really does much more. You do not have to eliminate everything, just don’t put all the services on your webiste. This will clutter things, keep it simple for the potential client.

Robin: Keep it simple so people can easily build a relationship with you. The rest will follow.

Erno: Exactly, the more mature the business gets, the more things you will be able to do, just don’t clutter your website with them. Stick to 3/5 things.

Robin: One of the biggest mistake is letting the customer decide which produc they go for. After the assesment, there should be a sales pitch where you recommend a product. Many business owners make decisions purely based on costs. That is not always the best solutions. Make a recommendation with reason why. Ìf customers decide for themselves, there will be mismatches, you have to manage a client’s expectations. This will satisfy 80% of your clients and the others are probably not your ideal clients.

Erno: I implement this too, it took me a while though. I have 2 basic product and the rest will come from that. I really like the book, it’s a good read. It’s ends well I believe.

Robin: Up untill about page 74, it is a true story. After this, the story is loosely based on the 3 and 5 year goals of Rus. He has got ambitions. He wants to move to the US market, to grow his business. He will get results there also and spend time with his family there.

Erno: So, the Kindle version costs 5 dollars, there is an audio book and the paperback version. How can people get to you?

Robin: The website is www.robinwaite.com, both the books are on Amazon. I also got a little offer, you can find it in the show notes.




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